Register for Pre-paid Events 

Some of our PBK Delaware Valley Association (PBK-DV) Events may be no cost or pay-at-the event.  Others have a fee to cover the cost of the speaker or event activity, where committing in advance to payment can give us a group rate discount and/or facilitate a smooth group event.


Our pay-in-advance events now have a PBK-DV member benefit rate as well as a non-member rate.  You may register and pay any pre-paid fees by using the form below.  

Questions? Contact us at .

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Would you prefer to use a paper form?


Click to download this PDF (left) and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Thank you, and enjoy your event with members of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Delaware Valley!

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Michener Museum

Thunder Baseball Field, Trenton, NJ

Mural Arts-Philadlephia Muses 2.jpg

Mural Arts Center City Walking Tour

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Mercer Muesuem

Adventure Aquarium, Camden

Outdoor Picnic at Mann Center Concert