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There are more than 25,000 PBK Alumni in the Philadelphia/Delaware Valley area!


If you are one of these members, join the Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of the Delaware Valley! Our association has a rich history and provides Southeast Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Northern Delaware area members with opportunities for networking and socializing, as well as social responsibility activities, while taking advantage of the area's rich culture and history.  Members are welcomed to join our

Phi Beta Kappa Association of the Delaware Valley LinkedIn group.


We also sponsor an annual Book Award that recognizes some of the region’s most successful high school seniors, and participate in community charitable and service activities.


The Association continuously welcomes new members and is always open to new ideas to expand programming. Reach out to us to learn more about plans for 2021 and beyond, and share your ideas for events or networking opportunities that you would like to see organized.  info@pbkdelawarevalley.org

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Our Delaware Valley Alumni Association membership region covers Phi Beta Kappa alumni living and working in the tri-state area of Southeastern Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Northern Delaware, who have graduated from a large number of colleges & universities across the US. Our members come from a wide range of backgrounds and professions, with all of us interested in advancing Phi Beta Kappa’s ideals of promoting opportunities for intellectual fellowship, networking with PBK colleagues, life-long learning, recognizing student excellence in our region, and advocating for the humanities, the sciences, the arts and professions, and community & societal engagement.

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Philadelphia Museum of Art     


Networking during an event at the Philadelphia Museum of Art



The Phi Beta Kappa Alumni Association of the Delaware Valley was established in 1917.


Since its founding over 100 years ago, the PBK Association of the Delaware Valley has a proud history of working to create a strong network for its members by hosting social and educational activities and exploring culutural offerings in our community and   hosting a LinkedIn group.


Additionally, the Association has for many years sponsored an annual Book Award to recognize graduating high school students selected by their schools for academic accomplishment consistent with the principles of Phi Beta Kappa.  This program now includes approximately 65 high schools across the Delaware Valley region and is open to additional high schools that wish to participate.


PBK Alumni Association of the Delaware Valley members are welcomed to attend national PBK Visiting Scholars programs, when held at nearby university and college chapters.  Members of the Association have attended PBK induction ceremonies at local universities and colleges to assist in welcoming new members into the PBK Alumni family for their life and careers after their undergraduate studies.


The Association has an active Young Professionals component for social, educational and networking opportunities for recent PBK graduates from around the country who now work and live in the Delaware Valley, tailored to the interests of members in the first several decades after college and university. 

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William Howard


Margaret Bacheler


Regina DeRosa


Jeff Jones, Co-Chair

Jamey Harman, Co-Chair


Caroline Amodeo

Ronald Anderson                 

Doug Bobrow                

Geraldine Fish

Jeffrey Jones

R. Alan Mason                      

Shea Sandifer

Tali Segal                      

Matthew Stetz

ADVISORS TO COUNCIL - Oct. 2021 - Oct. 2022

Laura Buenzle

Matthew DeJulio

Renee Donahey

Lester Dewis

Theopolis Fair

Garreth Heidt

Richard Kiger

Mary Ann Meyers

Joseph Poluka

Warren Reintzel


Caroline Amodeo

Brigid Connolly

Regina DeRosa

John Faulhaber
Anastasia Hutnick
R. Alan Mason
Sara Ramasastry
Melinda Rossi
Shea Sandifer
Matthew Stetz
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Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library


 Socializing before a dinner presentation event.

Officer and Council Terms and Responsibilities:

President – 1 yr. term.  Responsibilities include overseeing all programs and activities of the Association, maintaining its fiscal viability, presiding over all meetings, and representing the Association vis-a-vis the national Society and other PBK Associations and Chapters. 

Vice President - 1 yr. term. Responsibilities include attending to delegated responsibilities from the President, serving as President when he/she is unable, and succeeding the President in the event that he/she is unable to carry out his/her duties and responsibilities during his/her term of office.


Treasurer - 1 yr. term. Responsibilities include conducting financial transactions on behalf of the Association, maintaining documents and information reflecting the Association's financial condition, and providing financial reports to the Officers, Council members, and Association members.


Secretary - 1 yr. term. Responsibilities include maintaining the Association's historic and current records, attending and preparing Minutes of Council meetings and other meetings as directed, distributing those Minutes as appropriate, preparing and submitting reports to the national Society, and communicating with the Association's members on behalf of the Officers and Council members.


Council Members - 9 members, 3-yr. staggered terms (currently various term lengths to achieve staggered 3-yr. terms by 2023).  Approximately 4 virtual meetings per year. Responsiblities include overseeing the activities of the officers and the Association as a whole, and assisting the Officers with respect to the Association's programs and events, finances, membership, public relations, and relations with the national Society, other Associations, and the college and university Chapters in our region.  

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Ridley Creek State Park hike

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Longwood Gardens walk

Mural Arts Center City walk

Since our founding in 1776, Phi Beta Kappa has celebrated excellence in the liberal arts and sciences and championed freedom of thought. As America’s most prestigious academic honor society, we are uniquely equipped to advocate for the value and benefits of liberal arts and sciences education. We do this because we believe the curiosity and creativity cultivated by a liberal arts and sciences education are essential to making the most of life’s experiences. At Phi Beta Kappa, we are the key that opens doors to lifelong opportunity.
  • Chapters at 286 colleges and universities in the United States

  • Nearly 50 alumni associations

  • More than half a million members worldwide

  • Noteworthy members include:

    • 17 U.S. presidents

    • 39 Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States

    • Over 130 Nobel Laureates


For more information, visit www.pbk.org