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Upcoming Events

Young Professionals

Happy Hour (with optional Game Night) Events:

Jan. 28; 7:00pm - YOUNG PROFESSIONALS VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR (casual + optional game night)  EVENTJoin via Zoom for rotating, peer-moderated breakout rooms, to meet, converse, share and connect with other PBK Young Professionals, followed by optional game night event.  January's game will be Pictionary. Bring your favorite beverage & snacks. No charge event.  Register here.

Feb. 25; 7:00pm- YOUNG PROFESSIONALS VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR (casual + optional game night)  EVENT.  Join via Zoom for rotating, peer-moderated breakout rooms, to meet, converse, share and connect with other PBK Young Professionals, followed by optional game night event.  Bring your favorite beverage & snacks, followed by optional game night event. No charge event. Register here.

Lecture Presentations:

Jan. 26; 7:00pm - Monica Zimmerman, Vice President, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA). Virtual presentation.  "Frank Furness and George Hewitt: Architects of a Historic Moment".  Combining social, industrial, and architectural history, Ms. Zimmerman with her personable style, uses the framework of the design and execution of PAFA's iconic Landmark Building to discuss in depth the fascinating historic and societal forces in post-Civil War America, as well as the impact of this unique building going forward, which continues to engage and delight visitors to this day.  Read more details.  $10 per member e-address; $12 per non-member e-address.  Register here.

Mar. 2; 7:00pm  - Rachel Valletta, PhD, Environmental Scientist, Franklin Institute  Virtual presentation.  "COVID, Climate Change, and Communication: How Can We Learn from One Crisis to Address Another?"  COVID and climate change are intimately interlinked and both have consequences for public health, the global economy, and even for our cultural traditions.  Join Dr. Valletta to learn what insights we can gain from the global COVID-19 response and how we can apply those to become more resilient in the face of climate change.  $10 per member e-address; $12 per non-member e-address.  Register here.

Book & Movie Club:

Feb. 11; 7:00 pm - VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB. Interactive discussion of the 2020 PBK Book Award winner, "Archeology from Space: How the Future Shapes Our Past", by National Geographic Explorer and TED prize winner, Sarah ParcakRead more.  No charge event. Register here.

Mar. 11; 7:00 pm - VIRTUAL MOVIE CLUB. Interactive discussion of the Academy Award contending film, "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom", from the play of the same name by acclaimed playwright August Wilson,  based on the life of talented vocalist and entertainer Gertrude "Ma" Rainey, known as the "Mother of the Blues" (Blues Foundation Hall of Fame 1983; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 1990), starring Viola Davis and Chadwick BosemanRead more. No charge event. Register here.

April 8; 7:00 pm - VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB.  Interactive discussion of the acclaimed memoir, "A Promised Land", by Barack ObamaRead more.  No charge event. Register here.

May 13, 7:00 pm - VIRTUAL MOVIE CLUB. Interactive discussion of the film based on a true story, "The Mauritanian", starring Tahir Rahim, Jody Foster, Shailene Woodley, and Benedict CumberbachRead more. No charge event.  Register here.

June 10, 7:00 pm - VIRTUAL BOOK CLUB. Interactive discussion of the 2016 Pulitzer Prize winner for fiction, "The Sympathizer", by noted California author and Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Viet Thanh NguyenRead more. No charge event.  Register here

PBK Delaware Valley launches

Instagram Channel

In December 2020, the Phi Beta Kappa Assn. of the

Delaware Valley launched its Instagram channel,

pbkdelawarevalley, to announce our events and share

relevant posts from members, friends, and followers. 

The channel is managed by Karla Feeley and Stephen

Cupshalk of our Young Professionals group. Take a

look and follow us on Instagram!

PBK Member Named 2021 Rhodes Scholar

Mackenzie Fierceton, PBK 2020 U. Penn, was named

on Nov. 21, 2020 as one of the 32 Americans to receive

a full scholarship for up to four years of graduate study at

Oxford University starting in 2021.  Ms. Fierceton is currently

in a clinical Masters degree program at Penn in social work,

and plans to pursue a PhD in social sciences at Oxford, to

study how welfare policies in the US, United Kingdom, and

Norway impact the number of teens who go from foster care

to the criminal justice system, and how to reverse that trend,

particularly for young people of color.  Read the Penn news 


PBK Delaware Valley Holds Annual Meeting

The Phi Beta Kappa Assn. of the Delaware Valley Annual Meeting was held virtually on Oct. 13, 2020, when elections were held for 2020-2021 Officers and Council members, listed in About Us.  

Click to download the PDF of the Annual Meeting slides: 

Temple PBK Chapter

Co-Sponsors Economics

Nobel Lecture

The PBK Rho of Pennsylvania Chapter at Temple University

co-sponsored the Third Annual Nobel Prize Lecture in

Economics at Temple on 10/23/20, given by Associate 

Professor of Economics Dimitrios Diamantaras,

devoted to the two 2020 Nobel laureates and their

contributions to Economics.

Grateful Thanks and Acknowledgement

The Phi Beta Kappa Association of the Delaware Valley recently received two very appreciated donations.  One was gratefully received In Memory of Evy Udell, who was a past secretary of our organization and very involved in our success some years back, generously given to support the charitable activities of our organization.  The second recent donation was received with appreciation from current member William Thomas, to support virtual programs, which are especially being enjoyed by our members at this time.

Young Professionals Start GroupMe Communications

Jamey Harman and Stephen Cupschalk have initiated a GroupMe communications platform for Young Professionals within Phi Beta Kappa of the Delaware Valley and the surrounding areas of PA, NJ, and DE.  Join the group "PBK Delaware Valley Young Members" on GroupMe by clicking HERE, to participate with others who are building their careers in the wider Delaware Valley.


If you are a Phi Beta Kappa Member, we look forward to interacting with you as a member of the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the Delaware Valley. Peruse our website and contact us for

any questions.  You can conveniently join or renew online.


Learn more about Young Professional Events, our annual High School Book Award, and PBK Visiting Scholars in our region.  

Highlights from the Dec. National PBK Newsletter

the Key":
Jeff Jones

The "Behind the Key" column of both the PBK National Newsletter and the PBK National website feature the Phi Beta Kappa Association of the Delaware Valley's Jeff Jones.  Jeff is an Association Council Member, as well as Co-chairing the Young Professionals group.

Jeff is quoted as saying, "I am incredibly excited about our association's recent graduates.  We worked really hard to create events that these members would find engaging..... We now have an active book club, movie club, and Young Professionals happy hours."

Click here to read the entire article.

Phi Beta Kappa members win prestigious awards in 2020.

The December Newsletter highlighted the many Phi Beta Kappa members who have won nationally and internationally prestigious awards in 2020:

3 Nobel Laureates

3 MacArthur Foundation Fellowships

    ("genius awards")

2 Pulitzer Prize winners and 3 Pulitzer       finalists

3 Andrew Carnegie Medals for 


3 Samuel J. Heyman Service to

      America Medals

3 Root 100 list members

3 Time 100 list members

3 Phi Beta Kappa Book Awards

4 National Book Award finalists

Click here to read more about each of these eminent PBK colleagues.


National Society "Statement Condemning the January 6th Attack on Democracy":

"The Phi Beta Kappa Society strongly condemns the violent actions that took place at the Capitol [on January 6, 2021], and the role that several members of the Society played in contesting a free and fair election.

Phi Beta Kappa advocates for the liberal arts and sciences because they are essential to a vibrant democracy. Those who have challenged the transition of power in our nation without factual or legal basis at this time have acted in a manner that is antithetical to the values of the Phi Beta Kappa Society.

Phi Beta Kappa membership is granted by campus-based chapters for life on the basis of undergraduate academic record. While the national office cannot remove membership, we can and do condemn this behavior in the strongest terms.

The Society calls on our members to live up to the values of their liberal arts and sciences education and urges institutions of higher learning to fulfill their historic mission of educating for democracy."

The Phi Beta Kappa Society


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