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2022 Election for Officers and Council Members:  Information and Nomination Form.

The Phi Beta Kappa Association of the Delaware Valley will hold its Annual Meeting virtually at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, via Zoom.  During the Annual Meeting, all Officer and 4 open Council Member positions will be elected for terms commencing on October 12, 2022.

Serving as an Officer or Council Member is a great way to increase involvement in PBK-DV and shape the Association's future in exciting new directions, while continuing the Association's traditions.  All eligible members are welcome to self-nominate or be nominated by another member.


Members eligible for election must:

     1. Be current in his/her Association membership dues; 

     2. Have time to attend Council Meetings virtually or in person, which are held approximately 4 times per year;

     3. Have time to participate in ongoing communications involving the administration and operations of the Association and to attend Association sponsored programs and events; and

     4. Have experience with volunteering, organizing events, running committees, and/or serving on a non-profit board.

Please review Officer and Council Member position responsibilities on the About Us page of this website. Open positions are:    

                        President - 1 year term

                        Vice President - 1 year term

                        Treasurer - 1 year term

                        Secretary - 1 year term

                        Council Members (4 open positions):

                             1 position - 3 year term

                             2 positions - 2 year term

                             1 positions - 1 year term

Nominations must be received no later than Monday, Sept. 19, 2021 to be considered.

Contact for any questions.

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Would you prefer to use a paper form?


Click to download this PDF (left) and mail it to the address at the bottom.

Thank you for nominating or self-nominating. Your willingness to serve is very appreciated by the Phi Beta Kappa Association of Delaware Valley!

Suggest topics or features for the website.

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Plan events or manage our social media outreach.

Attend 4 virtual Council mtgs. per year.

Participate in PBK DV governance.

Assist to oversee PBK DV finances.

       Contribute to our growing LinkedIn Group

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